Do YOU have a great song to share?

Recording artists from around the world are encouraged to submit music to Tune Salad. We can’t guarantee we’ll play every song that comes in, but we do promise to listen to them all. We’re looking for a little bit of everything… no matter the genre (or even language) of your music, we’d love to consider for play on Tune Salad.

Guidelines: You can submit as many songs as you’d like to. Professional studio recordings only (yes, home studios count as long as the QUALITY is there). We aim to give our listeners an incredible experience, so please submit your very best work. Please make sure all fields below are filled out correctly, or your submission may be deleted. 256k MP3 or better, or even better .WAV uploads, please.

Lastly: Please know that due to the sheer volume of submissions, we may not be able to get back to you personally. We do try to let artists known when we’re including their songs on our station, but also stay tuned to be sure.